Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Handmade Cold Process Organic Soaps #100happydays

One year ago, I finally began to make my own soaps.
I was really afraid of the process, because NaOH is very dangerous : it can burn very deeply.

After tons of reading : books, internet website, I made a try.
I asked somebody to stay with me for the first try. And I used the simplest way to make soap, with very little quantities.

We made a wonderful first organic soap.

This was one year ago, and I still continue to produce my organic soaps. I really don't want to buy soaps anymore. Handmade Cold Process Soaps are so soft, full of natural glycerin, you don't need body lotion anymore.

1. This soap is from june 2013
2. New green clay soap batch from yesterday
3. New 6 green clay soaps from yesterday's batch

Note : it's easier to take pictures from soaps :-)
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Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm back ! Hot Pink + Yellow Freesia Egg Cozies

Hello !

A little note to tell you that I'm back. All my shops are open now. Let me just some time to fill them with new items ;-)

Good news, I have a new "photo studio". And I can share with you beautiful products pictures. In fact, I have much more space and light in my new home, and this is easier to make better pictures.

My latest items : 2 colorful & asymetrical Pixie's Hats Egg Cozies, in Hot Pink + Freesia Yellow, Pantone Color Spring 2014.

My shops :
- DoucesLaines on Etsy (en + fr)
- DoucesLaines sur Alittlemarket (fr)
- DoucesLaines sur Dawanda (fr)

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